// Dress to Impress

Interviews...the word itself can be pretty scary, well to me it is anyway. I can deal with pressure, i'm okay with that but when it comes to me being one on one and trying to impress someone I usually end up in a hot mess. The one thing I have found which makes me feel better and more confident, which may come across as silly, is the way I dress.

I personally think this is a major thing you are judged on when you are going to an interview, nobody wants to hire someone who doesn't look professional. I'm not saying you have to go all out and buy a 3 piece suit with matching shoes but dressing well can make you feel so much better, it works for me anyway.

So this week I had a job interview for a fashion brand (arghhh! i'm             getting old) and I wanted to wear something that would represent the brand but also myself well. After hitting Topshop and my bank balance hard (oops) I ended up with a lovely outfit which was interview appropriate but something which I would wear again. As soon as I put the whole outfit on I felt confident in it, I felt i looked hireable (is that a word?... it is now) and I felt myself.

1. Topshop £26
2. New look ( I bought it via depop)
3. Topshop £42
4. Clarks (my mums wardrobe)

What's your favourite interview outfit?

 Looks for London //

I am off to London next weekend for my Christmas present off Kyle. He is treating me to a stay over and a shopping spree so I am very excited. Even though I am going shopping when I am there it is only right to have something new to wear to go there isn't it? (back me up here)

This look is so easy to wear and I love it. I love the pop of colour and the open back detail of the shirt, I feel like the ripped knee jeans add edge to the outfit too. Paired with my trusty boots I can't go wrong.

I think this will be my shopping look, not too casual but not too dressy. London, i'm coming for you.

P.s sorry for the inside pictures, British weather so what can you do.

Shirt- Primark
Boots-Pull & Bear

The Misguided Edit //

Celebrations are in order as today I finished my 10,000 case study and submitted it! I cannot tell you how good that feels.

Anyway, I decided to celebrate with a  little bit of online browsing, and what better time to make a wish list? I've got to tell you, i've always loved Missguided but at the minute they're clothes are so on point!

There is a little bit of a running theme going on.. tops anyone? Maybe this is my subconscious letting me know I need more tops in my life. Either way, it would be rude not to pick up one or two wouldn't it?

I love all these picks, I have an idea in my mind of how I can style them with things I already own....

What are you loving at the minute?