Aspire Magazine

 So being in my third and final year at uni studying Fashion Communication and Promotion, it is safe to say it has been pretty hectic. From starting back in October we have already completed one project,  and after getting my results back I thought I would share a few snippets with you and show a little bit of what I do.

For the project, in groups of four we had to come up with an idea for a niche magazine. My group thought of the idea of a magazine featuring up and coming creative individuals, and we called it Aspire. We then had little over 4 weeks, and no budget except our student loans, to actually create a full magazine. There was so much work to do in such little time, but it was such an amazing experience and I had the best team to work with. 

We ended up with a first which I was thrilled about, so now I know that I didn't fail miserably I am sharing a few screen shots of what the magazine looks like featuring my work. Even if i do say so myself, the printed, hard copy version looks so bloody good I feel like framing it.



My trip to Paris with Kyle was amazing. A weekend away with nothing but walking and exploring the beautiful city. I can understand why they call it the most romantic city, the atmosphere and general feel of it was just lovely. On a side not, a bird did poo on my head on the first day...and we did get locked in our apartment on the second morning, but whats a trip without a few little disasters?

We stayed in the cutest little apartment in the second arrondissement, meaning we were ten minutes walking distance away from the Louvre. We walked everywhere..and I mean everywhere, my legs had never felt such a work out, but it was so worth it. 

My first experience of Paris was so good, I can't wait to go back 

Planning for Paris

I am so excited, I am off to Paris on Friday for the first time ever and what better way to visit the city of Romance than with my boyfriend. I have been so ridiculously busy with uni lately as I am in my final year So I was more than happy to grab a chance to write a post about my outfit plans for my weekend away.

The day of travelling. I think Opting for a cosy jumper, leggings and boots is the best way for a travel day. It means that as soon as we arrive and have dropped off our luggage we can head off exploring the Parisian streets.

Even though it is autumn I am trying to incorporate some (and I mean, some) colour into my outfits. I've decided on my stunning long sleeved floral playsuit, with open heel boots and topped off with my cosy lilac coat.

The third and final day in Paris, oh look, i've slipped back into monochrome life. A striped jumper is a must when you're visiting Paris isn't it? Teamed with black jeans, boots and a floppy hat I will be ready to wander around at all the wonders Paris has to offer.