Denim weekend looks//

Summer is nearly here and I am so excited, even though the weather here in England isn't quite warm enough yet I still love buying summer clothes and seeing how I can wear them when the weather allows me.

For this look I decided to base it around wearing denim for a spring/summer weekend look. I have always been too scared to wear dungarees in case they make me look like a 10 year old boy, but i think I have finally found a way I can style them and feel good. These lovely vintage wash dungarees are from fat face and such a great piece. Teaming the dungarees with a striped tee and plain white trainers gives it a perfect laid back summer look. I can't wait to wear these in summer when I'm walking my dog in the park, or even going to a nice beer garden for lunch!

The second look is again using denim to create a night time outfit. I have paired my Jail bird jeans with a feminine lace detail fat face top and added some edge with my leather jacket. I love this look for if I was going shopping and straight to a meal or even just for a catch up with friends. 

I am trying to see denim as acceptable to wear when 'dressing up' instead of just a 'dressing down' look. What do you like dressing your denim with? Fat face have an amazing collection for weekend wear where you can shop some of the pieces featured in my look book. You can browse this here.

Striped top: Primark
Dungarees: Fat Face*
Trainers: Topshop
Cardigan: Missguided

Top: Fat Face*
Leather Jacket: Topshop
Jeans: Jailbird

* Items marked with (*) have been gifted to me, however all opinions are my own.

21st Birthday Wish List

21st birthday wish list //

In a few months I will be turning one and seeing as everyone in my family has been asking me for some ideas for birthday gifts I thought why not make a wish list? I am a control freak, I admit it. I have made a list which is linked to the items and I also included discount codes...don't get me wrong I do not expect any of these items and if I received just one of them I would be so grateful! 

I have always been one to spend money on primark bags which, let's face is, usually break within a few weeks. As I am now a (nearly) graduated woman I though asking for s bag which is more expensive but will last me a long time is a good move, and of course they are also so beautiful! I couldn't just choose one bag so I gave a choice of three, I love the shape and style of the Kurt Geiger London Tote and on the other hand I love the classic look of the Karl Lagerfeld. 

Taking it onto beauty I love Clinique skin care at the moment and have my eye on the face brush to go with my cleansing set. Can we also take a moment to appreciate how amazing these zoeva face brushes look?!

Anyway, enough rambling these are a few things I have had my eye on...what have you been lusting after? 
 What to wear when you're working out//

I'm not going to lie, I do not have an exercise routine, since starting uni and after quitting dancing I will admit I do not do anything to improve my health. After feeling guilty and searching fitspo accounts on Instagram I decided it was time to make a change... I joined the gym.

Anybody who knows me knows I am not a gym person but since a few of my family members have joined and we can all go together I have signed up. I am going to aim to go at least 3 times a week to ensure i'm getting my moneys worth and that I will actually see myself getting fitter and stronger. So that's it, the new me (kinda).

I must stress my aim is not to loose weight but to tone up and get fit. Although I am already naturally a size 6 I am far from healthy and fit (just watch me run up some stairs, it's laughable).

With my new gym membership in mind I headed off to get some work out wear and I must say I am loving it. I heard Primark had a good range in at the moment and it didn't disappoint. I bought all of my fitness clothing from there and it all totalled to £21! I had purchased 2 crop tops, a sports bra, gym pants and a tank top for just over £20.

It may sound vain but I did want to look (reasonably) good whilst working out so what better way to inject some colour into what you wear?

After my successful trip to Primark I headed to Sports Direct and picked myself up some lovely Nike trainers which coincidently complimented my newly bought clothes. I tried them all on when I got home and I felt that motivated I did a 30 minute work out (changed woman I tell you) and then went on to make myself and Kyle a healthy tea of brown rice, chicken, fried egg and veg.

It's only day one but I feel determined. Now I have actually joined the gym, bought the clothes and have other people to motivate me I feel like I  will look like a Victoria's secret model by summer....slightly high expectations but I will be healthier!

I would love to know anyones work out routines or healthy recipes! Let me know in the comments.